AAPL to Host 2015 Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Experienced financial executive Dan Harkey serves as president and chief executive officer of CalComm Capital, Inc., an Irvine, California, firm he founded. Throughout his career, Dan Harkey has remained active in a number of trade organizations, including the American Association of Private Lenders.

As part of its education offerings, the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) holds a variety of events throughout the year. Currently, the group is preparing for its 6th Annual Conference and Exhibition, which will take place November 8-10, 2015, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The event will feature an education program comprising sessions on various topics, including second mortgages, home equity, and crowd-funding platforms. In addition, the conference will include networking activities and presentations from prominent professionals like Tim Rood, who will serve as the event’s keynote speaker.

Registration for AAPL’s 2015 Annual Conference is currently open at varying rates for individuals, corporations, and service providers. For more information, visit http://www.aaplconference.com.


Membership and Benefits of the California Mortgage Association

With over three decades of experience in the investment and private money lending industry, Dan Harkey is the founder, chief executive officer, and president of CalComm Capital, Inc. Dan Harkey also maintains membership in the California Mortgage Association (CMA).

Formally established in 1999, the California Mortgage Association is dedicated to advancing industry practices and education, improving and clarifying regulations, and encouraging cooperation between the industry and related businesses. To reach the greatest number of people, the CMA has a range of membership options to suit every applicant’s relationship to the industry. Any individual or company that supports the CMA through its products and services is eligible for Affiliate Membership, although affiliate members do not have voting rights. Similarly, the Educational Membership group does not have voting rights and is comprised of brokers and sales people who negotiate fewer than 10 loans a year as well as nonlicensed brokers. Finally, Regular Membership is open to any individual or entity that primarily works with trust deed loans in California.

Members of all groups enjoy a wide variety of benefits. In addition to the CMA’s networking opportunities and resources, members can access its legal resources, join a discussion group, or attend a webinar or other educational seminar. The association also holds two-day, in-depth seminars throughout the year.

The AAPL’s Sixth Annual Conference in November 2015

With more than 35 years of experience in private money lending, Dan Harkey is the founder, CEO, and president of CalComm Capital, Inc., in California. Dan Harkey also stays involved in the financing industry by attending various conferences, including the American Association of Private Lending’s (AAPL) Annual Conference.

In November 2015, AAPL will host its Sixth Annual Conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where attendees will enjoy expert speakers and strategic breakout sessions focused on the most recent trends and topics in private lending. The event will also feature professional designation classes that are designed to help lending professionals increase their knowledge, credibility, and potential for success. During the 2015 conference, attendees will benefit from presentations by industry leaders, such as Tim Rood, the keynote speaker and partner at The Collingwood Group, and Mike Ponomarew, the president of The Finance Institute.

Along with educational activities, the AAPL Annual Conference offers a wide range of networking opportunities through events like the Networking Reception and the Speed Networking session. The 2015 conference will gather more than 30 exhibitors and at least 400 leaders from the private lending industry.

CRE Finance Council Conferences

Possessing four decades of experience in trust deed investments and private money financing, Dan Harkey attends a number of pertinent industry events each year. Dan Harkey also participates in meetings hosted by the California Mortgage Bankers Association and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Finance Council.

Leading a series of forums and seminars each year, the CRE Finance Council has two premiere conferences annually in January and June. The events help attendees stay current on industry news through discussions led by finance experts.

The most recent conference was the CRE Finance Council Annual Conference in New York. The event included three days of networking, educational workshops, and committee meetings. Among the educational seminars was a breakout session titled Guardians of the Galaxy: Regulatory Oversight and the Future of CRE Finance.

Council representatives Marty Schuh and Christina Zausner as well as Sameer Chandan, PhD, founder of and chief economist at Chandan Economic, provided information about regulatory impact and pending policies. Lending trends and industry views were also presented.

The next conference takes place on January 11, 2016 at Loews Miami Beach Hotel in Florida. Program details will be disclosed closer to the event at http://www.members.crefc.org.

California Department of Real Estate Broker License Renewal

Dan Harkey is an entrepreneur who founded three investment companies providing private money financing and trust deed investment services. Currently president and CEO at CalComm Capital, Inc., Dan Harkey holds a broker license with the California Department of Real Estate.

According to the California Department of Real Estate and Section 10170.5 of the Business and Professions Code, real estate licensees must fulfill 45 hours of continuing education requirements to maintain their licenses. Renewals subsequent to January 1, 1996 require courses in fair housing, ethics, agency, and trust fund handling.

Individuals renewing their licenses must also complete 18 additional hours of consumer protection coursework. Consumer protection covers topics ranging from land use regulation and control, to taxation in real estate transactions. In addition, courses on the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act fall under this category of continuing education.

For more information about the requirements of real estate broker license renewal in the state of California, visit http://www.dre.ca.gov.